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 Optically commutated linear reluctance motor stage PCB

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PostSubject: Optically commutated linear reluctance motor stage PCB   Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:27 am

Once I get my driver circuit working, I'd like to layout a PCB.
Never done a PCB before, always been point to point till now.

I'm thinking low voltage (under 50V) and fairly high current.
I'd like each stage to be one PCB, with maybe 4 local caps.
All stages sharing caps on a common bus, running the length.
Each stage returning unused coil energy to the shared bank
rather than burning it off in resistance.

Each stage will be fiber optically triggered and stopped, so
the circuits can be well away from extreme magnetic fields.
Currents entering and leaving each PCB should be in close
pairs, with the intention of twisted pair or parallel wiring.

Don't hold your breath waiting, but is now on my to-do list...
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Optically commutated linear reluctance motor stage PCB
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