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 Arduino IDE ported for other micrcontrollers

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PostSubject: Arduino IDE ported for other micrcontrollers    Sat Jun 22, 2013 2:34 pm

I've been playing with Energia, which is the Arduino IDE ported to TI's MSP430 and Stellaris ARM.
Still seems a lot of AVR libraries have no Stellaris equivalent yet, far from a seamless transition.

My project of interest has been Blue Lama's Tiny basic for AVR, which I have gotten mostly to
work OK on the Stellaris, but not with pin IO and EEPROM functionality yet, so its kinda useless
except to play like it was my old PDP-8 with only the teletype for IO.

Steve Sakoman has a Tiny Basic with complete function for Stellaris launchpads, but needs Code
composer (and a bunch of TI libraries) to build it. I hate code composer with a passion and never
seem to get a working result when I am forced to build a project with it.

I still think between the two basics I could hack together something that would do the trick...
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Arduino IDE ported for other micrcontrollers
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