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 Coilgun design help

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PostSubject: Coilgun design help    Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:00 pm

I am creating a coil gun using a capacitor bank consisting of 3 470uF capacitors rated for 500V. They charge to about 250V using a Cockroft -Walton voltage multiplier. A switch controls the amount the capacitors are charged and a voltmeter gives and accurate reading of the current voltage of across the capacitors. An SCR is in place to control the triggering of the gun, but is being shorted at the moment to test. The coil specs are Inductance = 0.673mH, Resistance=1.3 Ohms, 412 turns, 4 layers of 103 turns, 22 gauge magnet wire, turn density of 14.8 turns/cm, wrapped around a copper pipe. I tried firing a bb and it didn't even move. I'm assuming there isn't enough current flowing through the coil, and i tried using a pvc pipe instead and was still unsuccessful. Help please
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Coilgun design help
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