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 Led cube 5x5x5 programming problem

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PostSubject: Led cube 5x5x5 programming problem   Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:07 am

Hi there

I recently finished my 5x5x5 cube. I am now having problems with programming it. The major problem is my programming knowledge Crying or Very sad . The original project was made using a ATMEL32 chip. I have used in my project a PIC16F877 and I use PORTB for columns and PORTD for layers wich are the ground controls.

This what they used with ATMEL

// DDRC.0 = Decoder control bit 0 (LSB)
// DDRC.1 = Decoder control bit 1
// DDRC.2 = Decoder control bit 2
// DDRC.3 = Decoder control bit 3
// DDRC.4 = Decoder control bit 4 (MSB)
// DDRC.5 = 25th column
// DDRC.6 = Bit 0 of led ground
// DDRC.7 = Bit 1 of led ground

// DDRB.0 = Bit 2 of led ground
// DDRB.1 = Bit 3 of led ground
// DDRB.2 = Bit 4 of led ground

So with ATMEL PORTC is for columns and 2 of PORTC and PORTB for layers
And the original project has a accelerometer wich I don't have.

I have tried many times to make the code work on my PIC using MPLAB IDE v8.30 but no success. Someone told me that I should "port" the code but I don't know how.

I am desperate to make my cube work because I have worked so much on it. I have attached some important files (code and scheme + pics of the cube)

Can anyone please help me. Crying or Very sad -> link to program -> link to pic 1 -> link to pic 2 -> link to scheme
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PostSubject: Quick question   Thu Apr 09, 2009 2:11 pm

Have you had any experience with programming the PIC16F877, or any sort of microcontroller?

If you've had experience with programming this stuff, try starting off simple; like making the cube flash on and off, just to see if it works.
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Led cube 5x5x5 programming problem
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